Imtra Commercial Marine Lighting

Den Haan Marine Navigation Lights

Based in Holland, Den Haan Rotterdam has been manufacturing top-quality marine lighting products since the early 1920s. DHR started with tin oil-lamps that were used on ships, and have kept up with the latest technology for generations, now offering a complete range of state-of-the-art LED Marine Navigation Lights.

Their LED navigation lights are offered in three models, DHR40, DHR60, and DHR80. The product line offers a lighting solution for any size vessel, with the DHR40 & DHR60 designed for ships shorter than 50-meters (164 feet), and the DHR80 designed for ships exceeding 50-meters in length.

DHR Combo

All three models are UL1104 and U.S. Coast Guard certified, and are available in every color and beam angle necessary to outfit any vessel with a complete navigation lighting package that is up to U.S. Coast Guard and International Marine Organization COLREG standards. The DHR60 & DHR80 models also are equipped with dual function LEDs for integrated fail-safes. If the primary LED fails for any reason while underway, the operator can switch to the secondary LED immediately so that the vessel can continue on its way.

All Den Haan navigation lights are fully-serviceable by the user. The LED driver, circuit board, gaskets and lenses can all be replaced onboard the vessel in the event of a failure. Service kits with spare parts are available for all models, and are compact for easy storage aboard.

Den Haan’s navigation lights are built with a robust aluminum housing designed to withstand the toughest marine environment, and all models operate on 24VDC power. The LEDs used in DHR lights have an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. For more information on DHR navigation lights, click here.


Luminell Marine Searchlights – Clite2


In October of 2016, Luminell AS of Norway purchased Colorlight AB, bringing the CLite2 into their product range. The CLite2 is a dual-headed LED searchlight with unlimited rotation on both the horizontal axis and vertical axis. This means the light can be rotated a full 360-degrees both horizontally and vertically without any stops.

Both LED heads operate independently and can be turned on/off, dimmed and brightened separately. The LED technology also has no warm-up time, so the light comes on with full intensity immediately, unlike non-LED searchlights which take some time to heat up and reach their full brightness.

The control panel for the CLite2 offers a variety of functions to make operating the searchlight as easy as possible. It has a joystick for manual operation, and a display to show the orientation of the light. It also offers the ability to preset up to four positions so that the operator can point the light to shine in a pre-determined direction with the touch of a single button.

Additionally, the system offers a “sweep” feature in which the user presets an angle for the light to sweep back and forth continually. Surveillance Mode also allows the user to set five points, and the light will move from one point to the next in pre-determined increments of time. The system can also be networked to have unlimited control panels, so the user can control the searchlight from anywhere on the vessel.

The CLite2 can also be equipped with a FLIR infrared camera, allowing for the light and IR camera to be controlled and operated from one panel. For more information on the CLite2, click here.


Written by Conrad Taylor

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