Stabilization on Commercial Vessels

Are Stabilizers Used on Commercial Vessels? The commercial marine industry has been using stabilizer systems for ages in the form of paravanes, gyros, fins, ballast transfer and other systems. While roll stabilization on pleasure craft has been around for decades, the concept has taken-off in the past five years. These days, virtually all higher-end monohull … Continue reading Stabilization on Commercial Vessels

Side-Power Commercial Thruster FAQs

“Who” is Side-Power? Side-Power is the brand name of Sleipner Motor products. Sleipner began as a marine engine and propeller manufacturer in 1908 and has been headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway ever since. That engineering and metal machining pedigree has been the core of Side-Power’s identity for 112 years. The company continues to be heavily focused … Continue reading Side-Power Commercial Thruster FAQs

Imtra Product Spotlight: Libra Doors FAQs

Originally founded in 1954 as a composites company that built boats and storage containers, Libra began manufacturing doors for the maritime market in 1970. They started with composite GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) but soon expanded into aluminum and steel doors to meet market demands. Today they are the largest maritime door manufacturer in Europe, producing … Continue reading Imtra Product Spotlight: Libra Doors FAQs

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Searchlight for Your Vessel

A searchlight is a crucial piece of equipment on any commercial vessel that operates at night, but often gets overlooked. Imtra’s Northeast Commercial Sales Manager, Nate Cabral, explains the key factors to consider so that you get the best searchlight for your vessel. What are you lighting up? It may seem obvious, but knowing the … Continue reading 4 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Searchlight for Your Vessel