Side-Power Commercial Thruster FAQs

“Who” is Side-Power? Side-Power is the brand name of Sleipner Motor products. Sleipner began as a marine engine and propeller manufacturer in 1908 and has been headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway ever since. That engineering and metal machining pedigree has been the core of Side-Power’s identity for 112 years. The company continues to be heavily focused … Continue reading Side-Power Commercial Thruster FAQs

Imtra Product Spotlight: Lilaas Controls FAQs

Where are Lilaas controls manufactured? Headquartered in Horten, Norway, Lilaas AS is a world leading manufacturer of various types of control levers and joysticks for marine & offshore use. Established in 1960, Lilaas now develops and produces their controls in-house and around the clock using advanced automated machinery.   What kinds of applications are Lilaas … Continue reading Imtra Product Spotlight: Lilaas Controls FAQs

How to Choose the Best Deck Light for your Boat

Choosing the right deck light can often be a complex process, so Imtra’s Northeast Commercial Sales Manager, Nate Cabral, goes through the important factors to consider when picking a deck light.  What do you need the deck light for? It may seem obvious, but spending some time thinking about exactly what area of the deck … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Deck Light for your Boat