Video Library

Much like the Learning Center, Imtra’s Video Library is geared towards educating our customers on what our products do and how to use and repair them. To see our complete video library, check them out on Vimeo or our YouTube Channel.



-Check out all the items you’ll receive when you purchase your Zipwake kit box.

-Installing Zipwake can be very straightforward for the hands on do-it-yourself type boater. Check out Zipwake’s step-by-step guide to installing a system here

-Setting up a Zipwake system after the initial installation is even easier. Zipwake’s setup video walks you through it here.

-This video walks you through the basics of operating a Zipwake system

-Did you know you can upgrade your Zipwake system to the latest software, even if it’s already installed? This video shows you how.

Check out Lenny Rudow from FishTalk Magazine discussing Zipwake on a Jersey Cape Custom Yacht 31′


Side-Power Thrusters

-Need to change props, shearpins or couplers on your Side-Power Thruster? We’ve got the videos that show you how:

Changing the Anode & Prop on an SE30 or SE40

Changing the Anode & Prop on an SE60 or larger models

Shearpin Replacement on an SP55 or SE60

How to Change a Coupler on Side-Power Single Propeller Thrusters

-If you’re interested in upgrading your conventional on/off thrusters to full proportional speed control, check out this three-part series on the process of upgrading:

Proportional Speed Control Upgrade Part 1

Proportional Speed Control Upgrade Part 2

Proportional Speed Control Upgrade Part 3

-If you already have proportional speed control thrusters from Side-Power, these videos on navigating the PJC Panel may be helpful:

Setting Up a PJC Panel

PJC Panel Error Codes


-AutoAnchor can help you upgrade your anchoring experience, whether it’s with a handheld or helm control, or a chain-counter to let you know exactly how much rode you’ve deployed. Check out our AutoAnchor video here.

-A circuit breaker is an essential part of any windlass install, and this video provides the info you’ll need to get the right breaker for your boat

-The Lofrans Tigres is one of the most rugged windlasses on the market, with many still in service that are 30 years or older. Check out this six-part series on maintaining your Tigres to help it last for decades:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Marine Lighting

-Interested in utility lights that turn on just by touching them? Check out these videos on the TouchLED lights from Frensch Lighting:

F-20 & F-22 TouchLED Lights

F-28 TouchLED Utility Light

-Need a new light for your chart table or work area? Check out the flexible F-4

-This video quickly demonstrates the brightness & clarity of Lumishore underwater lights

Looking for navigation lights? Here’s an overview of our DHR Navigation Lights

Check out our full line of exterior deck lights in this video

Marine Windshield Wipers

-Need to set or adjust the sweep angle on your Roca W10 or W12 Wipers? This video shows you how

Other Products

Here’s an in depth overview of one of the most popular NorSap helm chairs from the 1500 series

NorSap 800 Series Chair Overview

NorSap 1600 Series Chair Overview

-Check out the line of NorSap table pedestals in these two videos:

Fixed-Height Pedestals

Adjustable Height Pedestals

-Need a new helm chair for hours of operating in comfort? Check out the product line of NorSap helm chairs

-Here’s a video from our partners at Besenzoni, displaying many of their custom products to make your life on the boat more convenient and enjoyable

-Need Stabilization to smooth out the ride on a large vessel? Check out Side-Power’s award-winning Vector Fin stabilization system